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“You know, I should thank you though. I wouldn’t have found someone so completely willing to give himself over for the better of the pack. How fucking quaint.”

What I love about these demons is that they always take it so personally, like I’m assuming they start off all HO HUM A HUMAN VESSEL, THIS ONE IS ALL CRACKED AND BROKEN AND KIND OF SCRAWNY BUT WHAT CAN YOU DO, and then the next thing you know they’re like “What the fuck is wrong with these people! DEREK! WHAT THE FUCK! SCOTT, what the fucking fuck, you’re supposed to be his friend! LYDIA—also what the fuck! I’m formless evil hell bent on destroying all that is good and right but Imma just take a little break from that to tell you all that Stiles deserves better! ALSO, guess what! There is actually a pretty hot bod under this shapeless t-shirt! And big beautiful brown eyes and a soft mouth I was going to use to do some freaky torture sex on you people, but I’ve decided I don’t want to anymore, because you made Stiles cry that time, so go fuck yourselves! STILES IS A REALLY SPECIAL PERSON, OKAY? OKAY? HE REALLY CARES ABOUT YOU NIMRODS AND YOU TREAT HIM LIKE THIS? WE COULD HAVE HAD IT ALL!”

Demon-possessed Stiles is basically a collection of indignant tumblr tags.

Now I really just want Demon/Stiles OTP.  Where the demon decides to leave Stiles’ body and hop from vessel to vessel as they grow older, and the demon takes Stiles’ body in his prime and they share it until Stiles dies. The demon mourns the earth in Stiles’ familiar body forever.



Teen Wolf Season 1 episode transcripts


Used to be, in the old days of the internet, instead of easily available downloads, people would transcribe the episode for the rest of us not lucky enough to live in the US. These days, it seems more effort than it’s worth, what with youtube and torrents and Hulu and iTunes etc.

However, line transcripts are still a useful writer’s tool for the intrepid fanficcer - searchable and easier to skim than a video and invaluable to actually see speech patterns.

Thanks to for the raw line data, I would have gone mad without you. I attributed lines, fixed small errors and it still took me weeks to do. Enjoy, TW fandom. There shall never be a canon question you don’t know the answer to :P

(I may later expand these with short scene descriptions.)



Pedro Aboud | Lucio Luna

OMFG it’s a older, debauched, Derek trained Stiles. At least the Zombie apocalypse is good for something…


Teen Wolf - fugitives AU - Scott x Allison

Scott and Allison are the  prime suspects in a case that is actually supernatural (but let’s face it, who would believe an actual dragon blew up the school during prom) so they have to flee Beacon Hills.

They take Melissa’s car but further on their journey they leave it on the side of the road and “borrow” a new one.

They check the newspaper every day. For jobs where no one will verify their fake ID. For personals that Stiles publishes with the secret code they have since childhood to keep them posted about the progress of the investigation.

They jump from a cliff, not in a Thelma and Louise way, in a fuck it we have nothing to lose let’s make the most of this shitty situation way.

They kiss in the rain because they don’t care about umbrellas.

They hit the road, stop in small towns, dusty motels and empty diners.

But they’re together, after all this time, they’re back together and at the end of the day, no matter how difficult, how lonely, how poor, they still have each other.

Brian is a selfish prick who doesn’t care about anyone but himself.

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